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Boston Globe: Why civics education should be ‘a right which must be made available to all on equal terms’

NYTimes: Are Civics Lessons a Constitutional Right? This Student Is Suing for Them

The Atlantic: The Students Suing for a Constitutional Right to Education

'Cook v Raimondo' Featured on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah

Boston Globe: 14 students sued Rhode Island over civics education. Now, they’re more politically engaged than ever

Michael Rebell on RI suit at the Agora Institute


Daily Koz - August 20, 2022: "Rhode Island students sued for the right to civics lessons. Now they will ensure others benefit"

Education Week - January 12, 2022: "Students Lose Appeal on Right to Civics Education, But Win Praise From Judges Anyway"

The Christian Science Moniter - November 12, 2021: "Is civics education a ‘right’? Rhode Island case tests theory."

Spectrum News - November 10, 2021: "The 'Campaign for Fiscal Equity' settlement and what’s next for New York schools"

Associated Press - October 27, 2021: "Clamorous students participate in government — by suing it"

Daily Mail - October 27, 2021: "Clamorous students participate in government - by suing it"

Education Week- October 14, 2020: "There's No Constitutional Right to Civics Education, a Federal Judge Reluctantly Concludes"

ABC News - October 14, 2020: "Judge Rules Against Student Seeking Better Civics Education"

Boston Globe - October 14, 2020: "Judge Smiths's Opinion in a Rhode Island Education Lawsuit Is Fire"

Teen Vogue - March 3, 2020: "Providence Student Union Organizers Are Trying To Fix Their Broken School System"

Christian Science Monitor - December 12, 2019: "Rhode Island Lawsuit: Students Sue for the Right To Learn Civics"

Education Dive - December 4, 2019: “Rhode Island Right-to-Education Lawsuit To Be Heard in Federal Court"

NBC News - November 3, 2019: “How a Lawsuit over Detroit Schools Could Have an 'Earth-Shattering' Impact"

Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed TV - February 20, 2019: “Michael Rebell on the Push for Civic Education”

The Politic - February 4, 2019: "A Civic Duty: Students Want Schools to Teach Citizenship"

Providence Daily Dose - January 26, 2019: "RI Civics Lawsuit Spotlighted on Bill Maher"

TC Today - Winter, 2018: "Making a Federal Case: Michael Rebell and His Students Hope to Convince the Supreme Court that Education Is a Constitutional Right"

Education Week - December 11, 2018: "Is the Time Right to Make Education a Constitutional Right?"

The Dave Feldman Podcast - December 4, 2018: "Michael Rebell Is Suing the State of Rhode Island for Failing To Teach Civics"

The 74 - December 5, 2018: "Federal Lawsuit May Be Just What Rhode Island Students Need To Get Them the Civics Education They Deserve"

CNN - December 1, 2018: "Students sue Rhode Island over lack of civics education"

Associated Press - November 29, 2018: "Lawsuit: Schools Don’t Prepare Kids for Civic Life"

TC Newsroom - November 29, 2018: Taking Schools to Court: A Suit Filed by TC’s Michael Rebell Charges Rhode Island with Providing Diminished Access to Civic Education

The Atlantic - November 28, 2018: "The Students Suing for a Constitutional Right to Education"

Providence Journal - November 19, 2018: "Federal Lawsuit Says R.I. Fails to Prepare Students To Be Informed Citizens"

The New York Times - November 11, 2018: "Are Civics Lessons a Constitutional Right? This Student Is Suing for Them"

Phi Delta Kappan - October 22, 2018: "Preparation for Capable Citizenship: The Schools’ Primary Responsibility"

The Daily News - October 7, 2018: "Educate to Unify: The Urgent Need for Better Civic Education in Our Dangerously Divided Nation"

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